product press release

a product isn’t just only a thing.

“Comunico, quindi esisto” (I can communicate, therefore I am)

It’s the title of the book written by Eugenio Caruso and published by Tecniche Nuove, where he explains the importance of communication for the growth of a company.

A company exists on the market when it knows how to communicate with its audience.

It’s important to develop a cross-media strategy that includes the correct use of the product press office to help our customers achieve their goals.

A destination, a hotel, a type of wine, Easycom develops the right message to position the product on the market and make it known by using media.

A product isn’t just a product; it holds the values of a brand and the vision of a company.

We Communicate Ideas, Create Identities, Tell Stories.

Communication objectives focused on the product

We identify all the purposes of the brand, its background, and history, creating the message that will position it in the market

Media and target, the right choice

Good communication delivers the right concept at the right time. It’s crucial to carefully detect the exact moment and the suitable media for the brand’s launch.

Press review and media monitoring

It is a powerful tool to ensure the ideal flow of information. Customers can monitor their activities daily to improve communication and the connectivity between users.

Why you should choose integrated communication projects

Digital, Press Office, ADV, PR and Events:

the strength to activate the right tool at the right time

We tell your story

We tell your story

from the early stages

We create

We create

powerful and consistent brand identities

We monitor

We monitor


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