integrated communication

Since Simonetta Prunotto has started the first Easycom office in Genoa more than twenty years ago, the payoff of our agency reads “ideas and integrated communication solutions”. At that time, integrated communication was not as widespread as today. Actually, we were one of the few dealing with this new concept. It’s a fact that marketing tools are constantly changing, but a brand needs to create a solid reputation, and this won’t change.

Our team of skilled and creative professionals builds the perfect strategy for the customers’ needs, always searching for the newest, up-to-date tools for effective and successful communication. A team always listening, searching for new strategies and for the latest communication tools.

Today, Youtube and Facebook are the leaders of social media. What about tomorrow? Googlehas the power to dictate SEO guidelines, but what could happen in the future? The big publishers are still dominating the media market, but things are changing. That’s why we believe in the importance of synergic cooperation amongst different marketing tools, always oriented to the strategic plan of brand positioning.

communication product

Product is not just a product; it holds the values of a brand and the vision of a company.

corporate communication

You know who you are, very good; people must know it too! We help companies talk about themselves, their identity, and their mission by enhancing the various assets and involving the main stakeholders.

web marketing

It’s not the future but is crucial today. There’s not a brand that can do without digital marketing opportunities. We don’t know the tools we’ll have in the future, not all of them, but we know the ones you must use today and how to exploit them for the correct positioning of your company.

media planning and web advertising

We’re aware of the importance of investing in advertising, but we also know that the purchase of adv spaces must be strategic. Like any other tool, they must always put the brand at the center and be part of an integrated communication plan.

influencer marketing

We select the most valued influencers and bloggers whose stories and experiences can motivate our customers.

events and conferences

When it comes to integrated communication and positioning a brand, it is crucial to consider the communication of the events.